Pool and Hot tub Wiring in Chester County, PA, and surrounding areas

Wiring issues can take away from your summer fun especially when it comes to your swimming pool or hot tub. These are two outdoor components that should always be taken care of by the professionals from Tommy’s Electric LLC. We can do pool and hot tub wiring safely and conveniently. It’s very vital to the life of your outdoor items. Call today and have yours taken care of the experts that have the knowledge and professionalism you deserve.

A swimming pool and a hot tub both deal mainly with water and electricity. The risk is very high for electrocution. But the good news is, there won’t be any more risks involved whenever you call us to attend to your wiring matters.


Best of all, we have the experience and are trained to safely make the repairs to your wiring in regards to your swimming pool and hot tub in Pennsylvania. We can have yours working again in no time at all. Let us help you get ready for an exciting summer.

Pump Installation

Both your hot tub and swimming pool work on the premise of a pump. The pump is responsible for taking bad water out and filtering fresh water in. If you’re having a pool or hot tub installed, have Tommy’s Electric LLC install the electrical pump for you.

Troubleshooting Problems

Some problems require a professional to troubleshoot. Certain issues arise which only a trained tech can diagnose. Having a tech attend to matters also validates the warranty on the outdoor fixtures.

Wiring Basics

Before considering a new hot tub or pool, you should already be thinking about how much voltage the appliances will use up. A large swimming pool will obviously take more to utilize the pump, but so will a smaller hot tub. Most homes built in the past 30 years use at least a 100 amp service.

Electrical Issues

Unfortunately, there may be an issue or two that comes up in regards to your swimming pool or hot tub. These electrical issues can lead to significant pool repairs. Here are some of the most common wiring problems associated with them:

  • Pool pump
  • Pool pump motor
  • Lighting


All lighting fixtures for a swimming pool should be installed professionally. Getting the right ones all depends on your wants and needs. Most lighting requires more than a screwdriver installation. They require professional installs.

For more information on pool and hot tub wiring, call Tommy’s Electric LLC. We are Tommy’s electricians to trust whenever you need repairs and installations.

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