Great option for Home and Business owners.

Fixed-Price Plans

Fixed-price plans offer budget-conscious customers the opportunity to lock in a fixed-price for the duration of their contract. With a fixed-price energy plan comes the peace of mind of pricing stability and protection from uncertainty during peak weather conditions.

Fixed-price plans are a great option for home and business owners who are looking for stability and price certainty when it comes to their energy.


Great option for short-term renters or cost-conscious customers who follow the energy market changes.

Month-to-Month Variable Price Plans

Month-to-month variable price plans offer flexibility with the benefit of no cancellation fees, with the option to switch to a fixed-price plan at any time. With month-to-month variable price plans, it is important to know these prices can vary from month to month and can fluctuate based on many factors including weather, demand, and changes in the energy market.

Month-to-month variable price plans can be a great option for short-term renters or those who pay close attention to what is happening in the energy markets.


Great option for environmentally mindful customers who prefer green energy.

Renewable Energy Plans

Renewable & Carbon-Free Energy Plans offer a clean and environmentally friendly option and renewable energy plans are available for both electricity and natural gas in select markets.

XOOM Energy serves consumers in more markets than any other retail energy supplier, giving you the ability to build your business in more markets with energy.

With electricity and natural gas services available in more than 100 energy choice markets in the U.S. and Canada, XOOM Energy’s service area includes an estimated 95 million potential customers.

At XOOM Energy, we believe that the power of personal connections is what helps sets us apart. Connecting you, your friends, and your family with the energy they need, along with the unparalleled blend of energy plans and dedicated service they want. When customers choose XOOM Energy they can be confident they have chosen a reliable energy provider that strives each day to help our customers power what matters the most!

When customers switch their energy provider to XOOM Energy

  • There is never any equipment to buy
  • No enrollment fees
  • No interruptions in service when switching
  • Choice of plans and pricing
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Budget Billing and Auto Bill Pay available in select markets